04-27.07.14, group-exhibition ‘sense no sense’, Shedhalle (Schlachthausstr. 13, Tübingen)

FRAMING : participatory performance; an invitation to see the world with a head-mounted camera.

(on the 04.+26.07.14)


FRAMING | AFTERTHOUGHTS: screening of the videos produced by the visitors during the performance.

sense no sense, 04.07.14 – 27.07.14


‘Framing’ invites visitors to see the world only through a head-mounted camera. The project reflects on the moments we spent experiencing the world through digital cameras, or cameras on cellphones and computers that we use before, during and after the shooting of a picture or a video. It condenses these moments in one and with this exaggerated condition, it comments on the virtualization of our glance as well as on the transformation of the Familiar and the dis-embodiment that such a mediated experience creates. In addition, with multiple head-mounted cameras, the project creates hybrid beings and it investigates their interaction with each other and with the ‘normal’ people.

In ‘Framing |Afterthoughts’, the videos produced are screened in situ, one after the other, from the moment they are created till the end of the exhibition. In this way, the project documents the exhibition, what each glance has chosen to register from it on that moment, and the reaction of each body to this mediated experiencing of the space. At the same time, the fact that such unstable recorded images of a space are screened in the space itself, juxtaposes not only the mediated with the non-mediated experience of an environment, but also the ‘real’-time with the ‘just-a-while-ago’ creating an echo of the ‘real’.


You can find an example of the videos created here.


The project was partially funded by the Kulturamt of Tübingen and technically supported by Kreismedienzentrum of Tübingen and the Shedhalle.


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