HOME-on-the-move-and-in-place: towards a strategy of emancipation

Paper presented at the workshop: “Dislocating Agency and Moving Objects”, ASCA, Amsterdam, 17-19 April 2013


This paper presents ‘the Restoration of a Wall’ an art-project that follows the transformations of the accumulated home objects of a migrant (myself) and it examines how these transformations could change notions and practice of Home. This process -and this paper as part of it- strives to apply such a change in a more relational and collective way.

The project stems from the presupposition that value and meaning are inscribed on objects and that they participate in turn in the construction and perception of our reality and the self. In the course of time, the project as the material manifestation of Home, adopts various forms and formats. This shift from one form to the other, from one context to the other, becomes a simulation of migrations. These migrations of home and of home-objects raise issues of individual consciousness, aspiring to contribute to an identity-‘migration’ towards self-emancipation. /////


[if interested, you can find the paper here]

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