PALIMPSEST: a Game of Reading and Writing

a game for sharpening our communication through objects

a book for exploring the richness and the limits of such a communication


///// ongoing project since 2010. See also the project’s website: /////


The project ‘Palimpsest: a game of reading and writing‘ is a game played with a box that looks like a book that contains objects. The players read the story that the objects of the book-box tell to them, continue it by adding one more object, write their complete story on the project’s website and give the book-box away to someone that wants to play the game.

The life-story around the objects of the box is recreated from the fragmented traces left in the present, and like a forensic scientist, each player is challenged to solve the enigma behind a scene of crime, where miniscule details become enormously important. The players reconstruct the systems of value and meaning reflected on objects and they have to imagine the events, actions and the time passing that have been inscribed on them. This ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ of stories through objects aims to make conscious and reinforce the creative and communicative processes that take place in the practice of our everyday life.

[More about the project here: project and here: Reflections on the Palimpsest Game]


‘Palimpsest’ has been presented so far in the:

‘KunstXBuch’, group exhibition, Künstlerbund, Tübingen, 17.05.14 – 21.06.14

‘Rosa Lux’ Buchhandlung, Tübingen, June 2013

‘Kunstvlaai: INexactly THIS’, art-exhibition of the independents, DAI, Amsterdam, November 2012

‘Lost Objects’ Summer School, NICA, Amsterdam, June 2011

‘Unbound Book’ conference, Amsterdam, May 2011




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