Around 200 pieces of a puzzle were handed out to the people in Tuebingen, with an invitation to bring these pieces in the Kunstamt on the 23.11.2014, in order:

  • to join them together in one,
  • to investigate community as participation and collective action, as belonging and learning, as communication and sharing, and
  • to make art an active agent in the multiplicity of our communities.



  1. Two pieces corresponded to each participant, referring to two different collaborative ways of building an image. One concerned the traditional puzzle, each piece of which has one and only position in the final fixed image. The other was inspired by a strategy-game (Carcasson) in which the pieces can be combined in multiple -yet not infinite- ways.
  2. Optionally, one could participate by submitting online one image for each one of their pieces. The 6 submitted images were projected on the physical puzzle constructed on the 23.11.14.


if there is to be a community in the world of individuals, it can only be (and needs to be) a community woven together from sharing and mutual care; a community of concern and responsibility for the equal right to be human and the equal ability to act on that right’. The exclusion of the other is not the price to be paid for the identity of the self. (Baumann, as quoted in ‘Community’ by Delanty)



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